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Sailor Cruise Accounts provide free Internet access, at speeds up to 56 Kbps, using a computer connected to a telephone modem and a telephone landline. Cruise Accounts are available through participating Maryland public libraries.

180-Day, Renewable Sailor Cruise Accounts are the third generation of free, Sailor Dial-Up Internet access.

This service was introduced in July 1994 when Maryland's public libraries pioneered free dial-up Internet access for Maryland residents using text-based vt100 terminal connections via the Sailor Network. (VT100 service was retired in July 2006.)  Second generation Sailor Dial-Up Access for the public began in July 1999 with the introduction of the original 30-Day Sailor Cruise Account.  The 180-Day, Renewable Sailor Cruise Accounts, introduced in July 2012, is our latest effort to help bridge the digital divide in Maryland.


  • Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a valid library card issued by the public library through which  the account is being requested.  A list of participating libraries appears in the section below.

  • Equipment Requirements: You will need a computer that comes with a dialer application for a Windows or Macintosh operating system, a telephone modem and telephone landline. This service does not work with DSL modems or cable modems.

  • Request an Account: Each account request must be submitted in person by the applicant at the circulation desk of a branch of the participating Maryland public library through which the account is being requested.

    • REQUEST FORM - click here to open a printable REQUEST FORM if you do not already have a Cruise Account.

  • Renew an Account: You may submit a RENEWAL FORM between 60 and 15 days before your account expires, and you will keep your user name and password. If you submit the request less than 15 days before the expiration date, your account may expire before your request can be processed. If your account expires you will be issued a new user name and password.
    • RENEWAL FORM - click here to open a printable RENEWAL FORM if you currently have a 180 day Cruise Account that is between 60 to 15 days from expiration.

  • Expiration: If you allow your account to expire, you may submit a REQUEST FORM to have a new account created for you. If you let your account expire you will be issued a new user name and password.

  • Technical Support: The Sailor Help Desk provides all technical support for this service, and answers questions regarding the status of your request. Please call (410) 396 - 4636 if you have any questions about this service.


You can request or renew a Sailor Cruise Account at any branch of these Maryland public library systems.

  1. Allegany County Library System

  2. Baltimore City / Enoch Pratt Free Library

  3. Calvert Library

  4. Caroline County Public Library

  5. Cecil County Public Library

  6. Dorchester County Public Library

  7. Frederick County Public Libraries

  8. Harford County Public Library

  9. Howard County Library

  10. Montgomery County Public Libraries

  11. Prince George's County Memorial Library

  12. Queen Anne's County Free Library

  13. Ruth Enlow Library of Garrett County

  14. Washington County Free Library




If you have any questions about Sailor Cruise Accounts please call the Sailor Help Desk at 410-396-4636.

Please see the Dial-Up Access Help page for links to technical information about dial-up Internet access from Sailor.


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