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Common Problems with Database Access

If you experience an error when trying to connect to a research database, it is probably caused by either your browser settings or personal firewall software. Checking the following should resolve the problem.

  • Norton Internet Security
    Norton Internet Security has a privacy feature that can cause problems with accessing these web pages.

    • Open Norton Internet Security.
    • Click Options.
    • Click Internet Security.
    • Click the Advanced Options button.
    • Click the Privacy tab.
    • Change Referrer (under Browsing Privacy) to Permit/
    • Click OK.
    • Click OK again.
    • Close Norton Internet Security, clear your browser cache and these pages should perform normally.
  • Zone Alarm
    This does not apply to the free version of Zone Alarm, but the registered version, Zone Alarm Pro.

    • Open the Zone Alarm configuration panel by double clicking on the Zone Alarm icon on the bottom right of your Windows Taskbar, or by opening Zone Alarm from the Start and Programs menu.
    • Select the Privacy menu on the left hand side.
    • Click on the button labelled Custom, in the Cookie Control section.
    • Remove the tick from Remove Private Header Information.
    • Click OK, then close the Zone Alarm configuration panel.
    • Clear cache and cookies in your browser and E-ZBorrow should perform normally.
  • Internet Explorer 6
    • Click on the Tools menu.
    • Select Internet Options.
    • Select the Security tab.
    • On this screen you will see a scroll bar that allows you to choose your Security settings. Set the scroll bar to Medium If its not there, then click the Default button.
    • Click the OK button when you're done and clear temp files and cookies.

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