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History of Sailor Dial-Up

In July 1994, Sailor began offering dial up access to to Internet for use by Maryland public library customers. This first version of Sailor Dial-Up entailed connecting via modem to a vt100 terminal access interface, where the customers could use a text based browser called Gopher. In the summer of 1999, the next version of dial-up was introduced, based on point-to-point protocol (PPP). In this environment, users could use web browsers (such as Internet Explorer and Netscape), email applications (such as Outlook Express and Firefox), and other Internet applications installed on their computers to access content on the Internet. The PPP access required a personal username and password, thus Sailor Cruise Accounts came into being. Dial-up being modem based, and modems being slow (e,.g., 56Kbps) relative to high speed access (e.g., 1, 5,10 Mbps, etc.), as time passed and content became richer and denser, the utility of dial-up rapidly declined.

Beginning July 1, 2019, we stopped accepting applications for new accounts and renewals.

Thank you to everyone who used the service over the years. It was a pleasure to serve you.



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