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Agreement between Sailor Operations Center /Enoch Pratt Free Library and the person to whom a Sailor Cruise Account or Sailor VIP Account is issued.

The Internet access service accessible via a Sailor Cruise Account ("Account") or a Sailor VIP Account is intended for the sole use of the person to whom it is issued, in support of that person's educational and recreational information objectives.

Sailor Operations Center / Enoch Pratt Free Library ("SOC/EPFL") does not filter access to materials that can be accessed via this service.

By accepting an Account, the person to whom the Account is issued ("You") agrees to abide by the conditions of acceptable use set forth below. These conditions of acceptable use supplement state and federal laws and regulations governing lawful use of the Internet. Violation of this agreement by you shall result in revocation of the Account and possible legal action. Sailor will notify you of revocation of the account via registered or certified mail sent to the address indicated on the application.

  1. You agree not to share your Account password with anyone.
  2. You agree that your account may not be used for attempting, or accomplishing access to computer systems and files to which you, or persons to whom you permit use of your account, do not have authorized access.
  3. You agree that your account may not be used to misrepresent one's identity on the Internet, to send unsolicited bulk mail (spam), to promote profit making activities, to engage in fraudulent activities, to harass, libel or threaten others, or to interfere with another person's use of and access to the Internet.
  4. You agree that your Account may not be used to violate local, state and/or federal law, including copyright law.
  5. You agree you are responsible for the use of your Account by yourself or any person who has access to this service via your Account having your permission.
  6. You agree that SOC/EPFL is not responsible for problems resulting from configuring your PC to use your Account or problems that may involve another Internet Service Provider while using your Account. You agree SOC/EPFL cannot be held responsible for the quality, accuracy, appropriateness or objectionable nature of materials, including pictures, videos, music, sounds, text, and software, retrieved from the Internet through the use of this service; and that SOC/EPFL cannot be held responsible for damage to your software or hardware, for causes including but not restricted to viruses, associated with the use of this service.
  7. You agree that violation of any of these conditions is justification for termination of your Account. You agree SOC/EPFL may terminate your Account without notice if SOC/EPFL has reason to believe that your Account has been used in violation of this agreement.
  8. You agree to report all suspected or known abuses of this service to the Sailor Help Desk as soon as possible at (410) 396-4636 or
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