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The Sailor Network Managers Group (SNMG) will serve as a technical liaison and advisory entity to provide the Sailor Operations Center (SOC) and the Sailor Advisory Committee (SAC) with ongoing technical design review and engineering advice to support and enhance the Sailor Network, and to serve as a forum for mutual cooperation and support on technical issues affecting member organizations.

SNMG will form Working Groups to address issues of importance for the continued success and development of Sailor. Each Working Group will have a Chair responsible for providing a report, consistent with SNMG imposed schedules, to the SNMG on its findings. The SNMG will review each Working Group's findings, make determinations for further consideration, accept or reject the recommendations, and produce a final report. The final report will be submitted to SOC and SAC. Working Groups may be formed by consensus of SNMG members present at a regularly scheduled SNMG meeting. At least one of the following criteria must be met to establish a Working Group:

  • In response to an SAC request for information
  • In response to, or preparation for, changes in core and/or edge technologies pertinent to the Sailor Network.
  • In response to, or preparation for, emerging advances in software and applications of interest to the Maryland public library community.
  • Referrals from the Maryland public library community via SNMG membership.

Revised: 6 April 2010
Date of original adoption: 3 April 2001
(Note: The Sailor Governance Board (SGB) was succeeded by the Sailor Advisory Committee (SAC) in 2005.)

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