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Maryland Public Libraries providing Internet access
for Maryland state or local government, and Maryland public or private schools (K-12)

ICS services.

• Internet connectivity and connectivity to the statewide Sailor Network backbone.
• Port(s) on the Sailor switch or router at the Sailor Point of Presence where the agency network is connecting.
• Publicly routable IP based on a review of the agency's need.
• Troubleshooting up to the demarcation point between the Sailor Network and the agency's network.
• DNS services as appropriate. 24 hours' notice of change requested. After hours support by appointment.
• Advance notification of planned outages.

Responsibilities of the connecting agency.

• Equipment and services necessary to terminate the agency network at point of connection. to Sailor.
• Provide for maintenance of agency equipment and services linking its network to the Sailor Network.
• Provide agency end LAN and WAN network administration.
• Provide end-user support to persons whose Internet connectivity originates at the agency's network.
• Provide current, accurate information regarding the agency's administrative and technical contacts for the ICS.

If your agency is interested in Sailor ICS, please

• call your local Maryland Public Library Director
• or call the Sailor Service Coordinator at (410) 545-6343.

Agencies Connected to the Internet by Sailor 

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