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Web Site Hosting Service


Web site hosting for Maryland state and local government, and Maryland public or private schools (K-12)

Sailor Operations Center provides the following web site hosting services:

  • Web server featuring cgi-bin and server side includes.
  • Virtual hosting support for private web addresses belonging to your agency.
  • File storage space for your web pages and related files.
  • E-mail account for receiving feedback from visitors to the agency's web site.
  • Statistics for tracking visits to the agency's web site on a monthly basis.
  • Notices regarding any planned server or network outages.

What  your agency needs to provide:

  • Webmaster to maintain your agency's site.
  • Content, the web pages and related files that make up your agency's site.
  • Contact information for your webmaster and administrative contact.

If your agency is interested in Sailor WSHS, please call (410) 545- 6343 to speak with the Sailor Service Coordinator.

Web Sites Hosted By Sailor 


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