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Maryland Public Library Data

Laws of Maryland Relating to Public Libraries  (pdf)
The 2010 edition of  the portion of the Code of Maryland pertaining to public libraries.

Maryland Public Library Statistics
Statistics published annually by the Division of Library Development and Services (DLDS).

Maryland Public Library Organizations

Division of Library Development and Services (DLDS)     
A division of the Maryland State Department of Education supporting Maryland public libraries.

Maryland Association of Public Library Administrators (MAPLA) 
An organization of public, regional, and state library administrative officers.

Maryland Library Association (MLA) 
The professional association of the Maryland library community.

Related Websites

Maryland Digital Cultural Heritage (MDCH) 
A collaborative, statewide digitization program headquartered at Enoch Pratt Free Library, Maryland State Library Resource Center.

The website of the Maryland State Library Resource Center.

The learning community website for Maryland library staff published by DLDS.

Google Hangouts Support on MERLIN 
Google Hangouts meeting planning and participation guides.


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