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Maryland’s public libraries share a collection of Internet-based databases, purchased through the through Sailor database budget, which is provided to ensure all Maryland residents have equitable access to a common collection of core online research databases.  This common collection anchors the broader collections of online databases provided locally by the libraries. 

Sailor Research Databases are supported by the State of Maryland through the annual State Library Resource Center grant and made available free of charge to Maryland residents. The Database Review Committee was established by the Maryland Library Consortium to select and negotiate database products on behalf of Maryland libraries through Sailor.

Every Marylander will find something that supports his or her information needs in this collection, whether the interest is personal, professional, recreational or educational.


To access each Sailor database, please click on the icon or the title link.  You may need to enter a valid library card number.

EBSCO - Auto Repair Reference Center Auto Repair Reference Center
Find step-by-step auto repair procedures written specifically for the Do-It-Yourselfer, but comprehensive enough for professional technicians.

Business Source Premier Business Source Premier
Search business related newspapers and journals. Non-journal content includes company profiles, country reports, industry reports, market research reports, and SWOT analyses.

Explora - Primary Schools Explora - Primary Schools
Designed specifically for elementary school students, this database provides access to popular full-text magazines for elementary school research.

Explora - Public Libraries Explora - Public Libraries
Supports student research. Search results include articles, essays, and primary source documents.

Explora - Secondary Schools Explora - Secondary Schools
Offers the most complete collection of full-text reference resources available for middle schools.

EBSCO - Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia
Useful to both adults and students, this encyclopedia provides reliable information on a wide variety of topics.

HeritageQuest Online HeritageQuest Online
Trace your family history and/or American cultural history.

EBSCO - History Reference Center History Reference Center
Search History oriented reference books, encyclopedias, history journals, documents, biographies, images, videos and maps.

EBSCO - Kid’s Search Kid’s Search
Colorful and child friendly interface for Primary Search assists young students to find articles, images, maps, and flags on their own.

EBSCO - MAS Ultra - School Edition MAS Ultra - School Edition
Magazine Articles Summaries Ultra guides high school students to numerous full text research sources, as well as health and personal interest topics.

EBSCO - MasterFILE Premiere MasterFILE Premiere
Search a wide variety of journal articles, magazine articles, primary source documents, reference book entries and images.

EBSCO - Middle Search Plus Middle Search Plus
Helps connect middle school students to a wide range of age appropriate magazines, biographies and reference works. This database includes photos, flags, maps and an unabridged dictionary of the English language.

Primary Search Primary Search
Search more than 80 of the most popular elementary school magazines including Children’s Digest, National Geographic for Kids, Ranger Rick,, and Zoobooks. Find thousands of relevant photos, maps and flags.

Regional Business News Regional Business News
Search articles from Crain Communications, Business Philadelphia, Daily Record (Baltimore Edition), New York Observer and Washington Times.

EBSCO - Science Reference Center Science Reference Center
Search science oriented reference sources, science journals, biographies, and science related animations, videos, and images.

EBSCO - Searchasaurus Searchasaurus
Dinosaur themed interface for Primary Search introduces young ones to research. Search results include articles, images, maps, and flags.

EBSCO - Student Research Center Student Research Center
Search a wide variety of information in magazines, reference books, photos, flags, and country reports among other sources. For Middle and High School students.


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